Diary of a Patriot

The Heritage Diaries: Diary of a Patriot

In the second volume of the Heritage Diaries series, Eleven year old Daniel lives on a family farm outside of Williamsburg in the colony of Virginia. His life is composed mostly of farm chores, but his diary also retells stories of family, fun and friends. As the year 1775 progresses, Daniel writes more and more about the rumblings of the Revolution that affect his world, especially when his older brother goes off to war. How could he know that this would be the time he learns some of the most important lessons of his life; how to forgive an enemy and the real meaning of being a patriot?

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Diary of a Cabin Girl 3-D Book Cover

The Heritage Diaries: Diary of a Cabin Girl

In 1728, twelve-year-old Nicole works as a cabin girl on the ship, Storm Haven.  She cannot tell you her last name, because she was separated from her family when she was very young.  On bits of paper, she records the days’ events.  How could she ever know that her diary would see the most drastic changes of her life?  When she finally finds out what has been missing all along, it turns out to be a lot more than her family.

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