Library and Book signing

3 October 2011

Donating Books to Library


Today I donated three copies of my book to the Orange branch of the Delaware library. It was fun meeting the librarians. They asked my if I would like to have a book signing there. More details about that will be coming. It is a great library for studying by yourself or with friends, and I would definitely recommend visiting it.

This Friday I have my first book signing at the Gospel Supply Shop in Mount Vernon from 6 to 9 p.m. I am excited to see what a book signing is like.



Newspaper Interview

8 September 2011

I just had my first newspaper interview a few days ago! It was with the Delaware Gazette. It went smoothly. The reporter did a good job at making me feel comfortable.

Number 41

19 August 2011

My book is number 41 on the best seller list for Christian fiction general on Amazon! This is exciting! I was not expecting it to be on any best seller list. It is amazing what God can do when you let Him lead!

Start the Engine!

18 August 2011

It’s been an exciting journey so far! I keep getting emails and compliments from friends. Thanks everyone for all the support.

First Proof Copy

6 August 2011

I got the first proof copy of my book today. It was very exciting! I finally got to hold the book in my hands! It seems fitting to have my first blog about getting the first proof copy. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work! We are almost there!

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